What Is a Pastor?
It is not uncommon to hear religious people refer to a minister as “the pastor” of the church. There is no such thing as “the pastor” of a church. The term “pastor” is greatly abused in the community of Christendom.
What About “Local” Church Membership?
Is it necessary to be a member of a local church?
Paul’s Discourse to the Elders at Ephesus
As Paul concludes his third missionary journey, he pauses at Miletus to meet with the elders of the church in Ephesus. His words are filled with admonition and exhortation, and they contain many wonderful truths needed by today’s church. This month’s Feature deals with the apostle’s address.
The Elders’ Duty of Watchfulness
Watchfulness over the flock is one of the most serious responsibilities of the eldership.
If We Never Meet Again
In a farewell to the Ephesian elders, Paul reminded the brethren of his life and ministry among them (Acts 20:18-21). In what Paul believed to be his last opportunity to see them, he recollected former days to encourage their fidelity in the future.
The Indestructible Church of Christ
Some allege that the church of Christ, as established on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2), has not existed in an unbroken line since that time. The allegation is false if the testimony of Scripture is dependable.
My People Are Destroyed for a Lack of Knowledge
Could Hosea’s assessment of Israel be applicable to the Lord’s people today?
Hebrews 2:1 – Giving Heed to the Gospel
It is quite apparent that when one “gives heed” to the Lord’s will, he obeys the gospel.
Debt and Depression
One of the significant causes of depression today is indebtedness.
Two “Stewards”—A Study in Contrast
The matter of “stewardship” is a vital biblical concept. The following study in contrast is one that challenges the sincere child of God.
How Should Church Business Be Conducted without Elders?
May women participate in decision-making roles if there are no qualified men to serve as elders?
When Love Grows Cold: A Profile of the Ephesian Church
This profile of the Ephesian church serves as an example for our learning.
1 Timothy 4:14 – Timothy’s Gift and the Elders
Exactly how did Timothy receive spiritual gifts? Study this misunderstood passage with us.
Anointing with Oil – James 5:14
Should elders anoint the sick with oil in connection with their prayers?
The Awesome Responsibility of Church Leadership
Church leaders bear a most serious responsibility before God. Unfortunately, some professing Christians take advantage of good leaders and “church hop” from place to place to avoid faithful oversight.
Identifying the Church of the New Testament
Is it possible to rediscover the church of the New Testament in today’s world? Many sincere people have never considered this possibility. But is it possible?
Is Pledging One’s Weekly Contribution Wrong?
Is it wrong for the elders of a local congregation to ask the members to “pledge” what they intend to give each week into the church treasury for the coming year?
The Roman Catholic – Jewish Compromise
News sources report that a recently published document from Roman Catholic scholars attempts to promote a compromise between Jewish and Christian views regarding the Messiah? What is the basis of this ecumenical attempt?
Are Preachers To Be Called “Reverend”?
Is the use of a clerical title, e.g., “Reverend,” “Father,” “Rabbi,” or “Doctor”—within the framework of religious service—consistent with the will of God? This week’s question discusses this issue.
The Alleged Perpetual Virginity of Mary
The recent discovery of an ossuary (bone box) in Jerusalem that contained the phrase “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus” has rekindled the controversy as to whether Mary had children other than Jesus. Catholicism claims she did not. What does the actual evidence reveal?