Understanding Forgiveness
We must try to master the art of forgiving—for others’ sake, and for our own.
Can Man Forgive Sins?
Does any man have the right to forgive sins? Some suggest that Jesus granted this authority to the apostles, and then, through them, to others (see John 20:23). Can you explain this passage?
Was There Forgiveness Under the Law of Moses?
Why was forgiveness promised to the Israelites when the New Testament says their sacrifices could not provide forgiveness for sins?
Should Christians Pray for the Forgiveness of Their Sins?
This article discusses whether or not the Christian is required to pray for the forgiveness of his sins.
Solomon’s Temple Dedication Prayer and “Repentance”
Solomon’s prayer at the time of the dedication of the Jewish Temple is a remarkable piece of literature. It contains an important discussion of the nature of genuine repentance. In an age when this is frequently misunderstood, it provides a valuable resource.
Is a “Loveless Marriage” Scriptural Grounds for Divorce?
When “Sick at Heart” wrote to “Dear Abby” concerning her loveless marriage, Abby directed her to seek a “spiritual advisor.” One such advisor wrote in with his perspective. Was it spiritual? For advice to be spiritual and beneficial, it must be scriptural. Jason Jackson challenges “Reverend” Norman L. Conaway’s claim to be providing spiritual advice.
How Do I Cope with Bitterness?
How can we forgive but still feel resentment at times?
The Preposition “Eis” in Acts 2:38
It has long been known that denominationalists, welded to the theory of salvation by “faith alone,” repudiate the connection between baptism and the forgiveness of sins. Some, formally sound on this issue, now are capitulating to sectarian error. Take a brief look at this issue with us.
6 Reasons Why Some Prayers Are Never Answered
Why are some prayers never answered? Is it possible that we may be guilty of hindering our own requests to the Lord?
What Did Jesus Mean When He Said, “Receive Ye the Spirit”?
On the Sunday of his resurrection, Jesus said to certain disciples, “Receive ye the Spirit.” What is the meaning of this cryptic text?
What About the Thief on the Cross?
If the thief on the cross could be saved without being baptized, why cannot people today do the same?
God’s Plan of Salvation for His Lost Children
How can a fallen away Christian be restored to fellowship with Christ and his church?
Too Late for Tears
The Hebrews writer appeals to the profane attitude of Esau in order to teach us something about the nature of irreversible consequences. If we treat lightly the promises of God and forfeit the Christian inheritance, it will be too late for tears come judgment.
Reasoning from the Visible to the Invisible
Can one know that God exists? Can he know that he has been saved? If so, how? “Reason” with us on this important topic.
An Invitation to a Wayward People
What will it take for a wayward nation to repent? Perhaps this lesson from ancient Israel is a helpful reminder.
Did Jesus Exclude Repentance from Forgiveness?
Why do some Bible verses seem to indicate some people were forgiven without repentance?
God’s Amazing Qualities
The attributes of God are wonderful thoughts on which to meditate.
The Sexual Orientation Controversy
According to some “experts” sexual orientation is not something one can change. Some of the major studies reflecting these opinions have been done, of course, by the homosexuals themselves.
The Divine Benefits Package — A Study of Psalm 103
Human beings generally are concerned about the benefits package associated with their employment. God’s “benefits package” is marvelous beyond description, as Psalm 103 reveals. This study considers the marvelous benefits bestowed upon the children of God.
Neale Walsch: A New Guru for the Gullible
Neale Walsch is but another oddity in the modern “Ripley’s Museum” of religious freaks.