Destructive Criticism and the Old Testament
The investigations of “higher critics” have proceeded along lines buttressed with biased presuppositions that are grossly inaccurate, and which have been repeatedly and thoroughly discredited by reputable scholars.
The Influence of Evolution upon Religion
How has Charles Darwin’s popular theory of origins influenced religious thinkers?
Critical Theory Attacks Genesis 1 and 2
The liberal voices in the school of “Critical Theory” frequently assert that there are two accounts of creation in Genesis. This article answers this attack.
The City of Hazor and Old Testament Accuracy
Archaeology once again proves the accuracy of the biblical record.
ACU: Stronghold of “Radical Criticism”
Abilene Christian University (Abilene, Texas) is rapidly departing from the strong base upon which it was founded. A reckless breed of mavericks flaunts the new course it has charted.
The Art of Writing
Bible critics do all within their power to discredit the validity of the sacred text. Years ago, the claim was made that the Scriptures are in error in their claims that “writing” was common in the days of Moses. Those charges have long since vanished. Consider this brief study with us.
Prince of Egypt — The Movie
In mid-December the movie, Prince of Egypt, opened in theaters across the country. Because it differs so widely from the usual movie fare of sex and violence, this production is receiving high acclaim—even from religious figures like Billy Graham, James Dobson, Robert Schuller, and others.
Radical Criticism and “Christian” Education
What is “radical criticism” and how has this philosophy affected “Christian” colleges and universities? This theme is addressed in this week’s Penpoints.
What Is Modernism?
I frequently see writers refer to what they call “modernism.” Exactly what do they mean by this term?
Why Racists Hate Christianity
Christianity is viewed by promoters of hate and bigotry as an obstacle. Atheism, however, is not.
Al Gore on Evolution and School Violence
Former Vice President Al Gore comments on evolution and violence in the public schools
Israel’s Exodus from Egypt
One of the great scenes of Old Testament history is the exodus of Israel from Egyptian bondage. In this article, we wish to consider four aspects of this epochal event — the date of the exodus, the visitation of plagues upon Egypt, the passover, and the passage through the Red Sea.
Holocaust: Why Did It Happen?, The
Civilized men lament the Holocaust (1933-45) as one of the darkest eras of modern history. There is, however, almost a conspiracy of historical silence—few journalists care to reflect upon just why Hitler and his associates perpetrated that infamous evil.
Christian and “Higher Education”, The
Youngsters who attend secular educational institutions frequently are confronted with seriously erroneous teachings. How do they deal with these dangerous situations? It doesn’t have to be a hostile encounter.
Does Ezra Deserve Criticism?
After the return from Babylonian captivity, Ezra commanded certain men to put away their foreign wives. A professor in a Christian college has criticized the man of God for this action. Is the censure justified? Let’s take a look.
National Center for Science Education & Evolution
The charge that evolution “is in danger of being banished from our schools” is a lie—a lie being perpetrated for the sole purpose of attempting to raise money.
Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed is the title of a documentary movie that premiers across the nation on Friday, April 18. We encourage our readers to see this presentation.
A Tough Journalist Looks at the Case for Christ
Lee Strobel became convinced that the evidence for the identity of Jesus as the Son of God is rock solid. His book is the record of his intriguing journey from atheist to believer.
The Eye of the Evolutionary Storm
The inspired psalmist affirmed that it was God who “formed the eye” (Psa. 94:9). Any “tidy-minded” infidel who thinks he has found a flaw in the fundamental design of the Creator’s handiwork, had better use the eyes the Lord has given him, and “look again.”
Nero Caesar and the Christian Faith
Nero Claudius Caesar was one of the most despicable characters on the stage of human history. But there are some important lessons to learn from his interaction with the Christians of the first century.