Mohammed and His Religion
The Islamic system is growing rapidly in America, and Christians need to familiarize themselves with the history and basic teachings of this religion.
Islam and the Enemy
It has been charged that both Christianity and Islam are religions of violence. In this article, the teachings of these two systems, regarding how to treat one’s enemies, are laid side by side.
Was Mohammed the Prophet of Whom Moses Spoke?
A young convert to Islam asserts that Mohammed was the “prophet” of whom Moses spoke in Deuteronomy 18:15ff. What are the facts regarding this matter?
Was Mohammed a Prophet?
Was Mohammed another prophet of God? Is there any evidence that would support that claim?
Luke 1:35 – Gabriel vs. Mohammed
The Qur’an teaches that Gabriel delivered a revelation of God to Mohammed. But Mohammed’s message contradicts the Bible in a multitude of passages. Here is one of those instances.
Confronting Islam: Examining the Qur’an
Should we avoid exposing the errors in the Qur’an to spare the feelings of our Moslem friends?
Ishmael: His Hand Against Every Man
The remarkable biblical prophecies concerning Ishmael, are explored, especially the historical emergence of his descendants and their warlike characteristics.
Terror from the Sky
Our nation has been in the grip of fear and heartache following the violent terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. Wayne Jackson discusses some personal, spiritual reflections at this time of crisis.
The Starbucks Agenda: Want some “theology” with your latte?
Want some twisted “theology” with that early morning steaming latté? You can obtain it at Starbucks.
The Miraculous and the Origin of Christianity
There is a vast contrast between the events associated with the beginning of Christianity, and the origins of other world religions. This brief article takes note of a major contrast between the religion founded by Christ and other systems of world religion.
The Growing Anti-Christian Sentiment
Legal authorities in New York City have fought against “Christian” symbolism in the city’s public schools, while defending the presence of both Jewish and Islamic symbolism. Some see this as an accelerating wave of antagonism against the Christian faith?
Islam’s Denial of the Death of Jesus Christ
Mohammed’s system is vigorously opposed to the facts of the Christian gospel.
BLAME IT ON RELIGION: Dawkins’ “Missile” a Dud
Richard Dawkins, one of atheism’s most vocal spokesmen, blames the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 on “religion.” But the article “misfires” and leaves the Oxford professor in the lurch.
What About Polygamy?
Is the practice of polygamy acceptable today? What about in other countries?
False Ideas About Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ is the most renowned person of human history? That being true, why are there so many false ideas circulating about him? Because people have biases and they “reinvent” a “Jesus” after their own presuppositions. In this article we review some of the bizarre theories.
A Letter from a Mormon
Our web site elicits much mail from our readers. Some of it is very critical. This article briefly reviews a letter from a Mormon gentleman in Bulgaria.
False Ideas about God
While most people (according to polls) believe in “God,” many entertain a variety of false ideas relative to the Supreme Being. This article discusses some of these views.
Islam and the Deity of Jesus Christ
Moslems insist that Jesus Christ was merely a “messenger” of God, in the same sense that others (e.g., Moses) were but prophets. They deny that he possessed the nature of deity, or that he even claimed to be the “Son of God.” But what does the actual evidence reveal?
Ishmael or Isaac? The Koran or the Bible?
Did Abraham offer Ishmael or Isaac? The Bible and the Koran differ on this issue. Which book is really divine revelation? Does it matter?
Meet Ted Turner—Thanks, I’d Rather Not!
A profile of millionaire and humanist, Ted Turner.