Facts About the Second Coming of Christ
One of the most dominant themes in the New Testament is the second coming of Christ. Over the centuries, numerous false ideas have confused many regarding earth’s final event. Here are some facts about our Lord’s return...
2 Peter 2:9 – Punishment Before Judgment
What will be the state of the wicked after their death, prior to judgment?
Zephaniah 1:7 – The Day of Jehovah Is Near
This passage is a clear illustration of the fact that time, in biblical prophecy, is relative.
Was Christ Mistaken About His Second Coming?
Bertrand Russell once claimed that Jesus, if he ever really existed, was obviously wrong about his second coming. Was the atheist correct?
Are There “Signs” of the Second Coming of Christ?
Predicting the return of Jesus Christ is a full-time hobby for some. Does Matthew 24 contain the signs needed to predict Christ’s return?
Jesus Foretells the Coming Kingdom
Christ’s prophecy concerning his approaching kingdom, as recorded in Matthew, Mark, and Luke, is a most controversial theme. In this article we provide a careful study of this declaration.
The Menace of Radical Preterism
A brief review of the heretical doctrine of realized eschatology
Does Luke 17:31ff Predict the Destruction of Jerusalem?
Luke 17:31ff has been a confusing text to some Bible students. Does this section of Scripture refer to the destruction of Jerusalem (A.D. 70), or to the final Coming of Christ? This context is examined in this week’s Q&A segment.
Was the Lord’s “Second Coming” in A.D. 70?
A major problem with the A.D. 70 doctrine is in explaining clear Bible passages which depict the Lord’s return in a visible manner, which did not occur, of course, in A.D. 70.
Amos 1:1-2:3 — Judgment upon the Nations
The judgment pronounced on pagan nations by Amos the prophet point to the accountability of all people to the laws of God.
How Many Resurrections Will There Be?
Some advocates of the millennial scheme suggest there will be two resurrections separated by a one-thousand-year reign of Jesus on earth. What does God’s Word have to say on this subject?
A Study of Matthew 24
Matthew chapter twenty-four is a largely symbolic chapter of the New Testament that has been misinterpreted in two extreme directions.
What Are the New Heavens and New Earth?
What is the meaning of the expression, “new heavens and new earth”? Does it refer to the renewal of this planet, or does it signify heaven itself?
When the Son of Man Comes
Are you ready? Are you a sheep or a goat? The Judgment Day is certain, and only through the teaching of Scripture can we prepare for it. The Lord’s teaching of Matthew 25:31-46 must be considered in view of the inevitable Day of the Lord.
Armageddon: The Next of the “Left-Behind” Series
What Is the Meaning of Matthew 10:23?
Matthew 10:23 is a difficult text that has generated much controversy among Bible students. Just what is the meaning of the Lord’s statement, that the apostles will not have evangelized all the cities of Israel, “till the Son of man comes”? Wayne Jackson discusses this problem in this week’s Question segment.
Five Things that Will End When Christ Returns
The apostle Paul’s reference to “the end” in 1 Corinthians 15 examined.
Will Heaven Be on Earth?
There is a popular view that “heaven” will be on “earth,” after our planet has been purged by fire at the end of time. This theory is wholly without merit and results from a failure to understand the symbolic nature of several passages of scripture.
Revelation 1:1 – The Things to Come Shortly
It is a serious mistake to make the prophetic time frame of the book of Revelation hinge one solitary expression.
How Will God Judge Those Who Never Hear the Gospel?
What will be the ultimate fate of those who never have a chance to hear the gospel of Christ? This is a question with which every sensitive soul struggles.