The Meaning of Romans 3:31
Many are confused as to the meaning of Romans 3:31. In this article we explore the meaning of the sacred text.
Should the Ten Commandments Be Posted?
Why do some want the Ten Commandments posted in public places, when the New Testament teaches that the law was a ministration of death?
Are Genesis and Evolution Compatible?
The Code of Hammurabi
The discovery of the Code of Hammurabi reveals several interesting ideas when compared to the Law of Moses.
The Value of Youth to the Cause of God
Youth can accomplish magnificent things for the Master’s cause. But do we always recognize this? Here are some striking examples that demonstrate God’s confidence in youth.
Destructive Criticism and the Old Testament
The investigations of “higher critics” have proceeded along lines buttressed with biased presuppositions that are grossly inaccurate, and which have been repeatedly and thoroughly discredited by reputable scholars.
Does the Case of David and Bathsheba Justify Adultery Today?
The Old Testament account of David and Bathsheba’s scandalous affair is a sad episode in history. Does their conduct serve as a precedent, justifying adulterous relationships today? Some appeal to it to that end. Wayne
Jackson addresses this issue in this month’s Feature.
How Did Paul Learn about Jannes and Jambres?
In his second letter to Timothy, Paul mentions two men, Jannes and Jambres, who withstood Moses. Who were these men, and how did Paul know of them, since they are not named in the Old Testament?
Exodus 3:22 – The Israelites Leave Egypt
In this article of Notes from the Margin of My Bible, we find a prophecy fullfillment, an answer to a moral dilemma, and an example of God’s wonderful providence.
Radical Criticism and “Christian” Education
What is “radical criticism” and how has this philosophy affected “Christian” colleges and universities? This theme is addressed in this week’s Penpoints.
The Value of Old Testament Study
The Old Testament is worthy of our time and study. Although it held a distinct place in redemptive history, which it no longer holds, it still has timeless truths to be learned and applied.
Is the Mormon Church the Restored Church?
The Mormon doctrine concerning the church is a maze of confusion and contradiction.
Lessons from the Ark of the Covenant
The mysterious Ark of the Covenant disappeared from human history but still teaches valuable lessons.
Why Does Hebrews 8:13 Use the Present Tense?
Some Bible students are puzzled that the writer of Hebrews uses present tense forms (8:13) to depict the passing of the Mosaic law. How are these to be explained in light of Bible teaching elsewhere that the law of Moses was abolished by the death of Christ (Eph. 2:15)?
Uniqueness of the Biblical Creation Record, The
The ridiculous creation fables of mankind only serve to emphasize the genuineness of the Genesis account of the beginning.
Exploring the Concept of Priesthood
The study of the concept of priesthood contains many valuable facets. It also is fraught with religious error. This article discusses both of these aspects.
Exodus 7:3 – The Hardening of Pharaoh’s Heart
Who bears responsibility for the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart?
The Book of Psalms—A Study
Some background information regarding the Psalms will help the Bible student as he considers the grand truths of this Old Testament document.
Does Ezra Deserve Criticism?
After the return from Babylonian captivity, Ezra commanded certain men to put away their foreign wives. A professor in a Christian college has criticized the man of God for this action. Is the censure justified? Let’s take a look.
Does the Requirement of Baptism Compromise the Immutability of God?
Does the fact that God did not require water baptism for the remission of sins under the Mosaic system indicate that baptism must not be obligatory under the New Covenant? Does this compromise the Lord’s “immutability”? Study the question with us.