Should Christians Keep the Sabbath?
Does the fourth commandment apply today? Should Christians keep the Sabbath?
Did Jesus Violate the Sabbath?
A Christian writer/speaker, who travels extensively and lectures on “Does God Exist?,” has written that the Bible indicates that Jesus, on one occasion, “violated” the Old Testament Sabbath-day law. He has cited the Gospel of Mark 2:23-24. Would you comment on this?
The Extended-Sabbath Argument and Darwinism
Sometimes Christians are intimidated by the massive propaganda campaign advanced by the followers of Charles Darwin. One indication of this is the common acceptance of evolutionary chronology, i.e., the idea that the Universe is billions of years old. Some, in an effort to find biblical support for the “long-ages” of history presupposition, have argued, on the basis of Hebrews 4:9, that the “days” of the creation week were vast ages. This week’s Penpoints examines this argument.
Deuteronomy 5:3,12 – The Scope of the Sabbath
To whom was the seventh-day sabbath a religious obligation?
Was the Sabbath a Divine Requirement from the Time of Creation?
Was the seventh-day sabbath a divine requirement from the seventh day of creation onward? Some so claim, but the evidence is lacking. Study this issue with us.
Was Christ Raised from the Dead on Sunday or Saturday?
What day was Jesus actually raised on? Sunday or the Sabbath?
Exodus 20:8-11 – The Creation Days: Literal Days or Ages?
Are the days of the creation literal 24-hour days or extended ages of time? Exodus 20:8-11 provides the answer.
Do Genesis 10 and 11 Conflict with Reference to the Languages in the Earth?
Some critics of the Bible allege that there is a contradiction between Genesis chapters 10 and 11. Chapter 10 mentions various “tongues” or “languages,” while chapter 11 suggests the entire earth was of one language before the tower of Babel incident. What is the truth of the matter?
Is the Abolition of the Ten Commandments Ridiculous?
Sabbatarians contend that all of the Ten Commandments are binding today, including the requirement to “keep the Sabbath day holy.” They allege that if one argues that the Ten Commandments were abolished when Christ died, this would license all sorts of evil today. Is this argument sound? Wayne Jackson addresses this in this Q&A segment.
Defending the Faith with a Broken Sword – Part 2
The Lord expects his disciples to demonstrate a loving disposition, while, at the same time, defending the truth vigorously. All of us to some extent, have made errors in both of these areas. And sometimes, we do more harm than good when attempting to defend truth with incorrect reasoning. This is part two in a three-part series, “Defending the Faith with a Broken Sword.”
Did Jesus Endorse Situation Ethics?
Some claim that Matthew’s Gospel record (12:1-4) provides biblical precedent for the philosophy of situation ethics. They are wrong.
The Law of Moses: Some Metaphors Considered
A consideration of several biblical metaphors used of the law of Moses.
The Classification of Bible Commands
The commands found in the Bible may be classified in several ways to help our understanding.
Did Christ Abolish the Law of Moses?
Did Jesus say that the law of Moses including Sabbath observance would last until the end of the world?
Did Jesus Confess that His Claims Were Untrue?
The charge is sometimes made that even Jesus confessed that his claim of being divine was not reliable. John 5:31 is appealed to in this regard. What is the meaning of that statement?
Don’t Judge Me!
A common defense mechanism is: “Don’t judge me!” But is all judging condemned in the Bible?
Luke and the Old Testament
Though the New Testament writer Luke was a Gentile, surprisingly his Gospel account reveals a significant knowledge of the Old Testament scriptures. Reflect upon this fact with us.
What Was the “Manna” in the Wilderness of Sinai?
What was the “manna” that the Israelites ate during their sojourn in the wilderness of Sinai? Some claim that it was merely a substance extracted off of a tree in that region. But what does the evidence reveal?
What About a Saturday night Observance of the Lord’s Supper?
Is a Saturday-night observance of the Lord’s Supper just as good as observing it on the Lord’s Day?
The Creation “Days” – Literal or Figurative?
This article attempts to determine the meaning of the term “days” in connection with the creation week.