The Covering of Sin
There are many ways in which mankind has attempted to deal with his sinfulness. Yet the only effective remedy is redemption through and obedience to Christ .
1 Kings 12 — The Sin of Jeroboam
What was the sin of Jeroboam? Unauthorized innovation — still a problem to this day.
Evolution and the Doctrine of Original Sin
Denominationalists are vulnerable in defending creation due to erroneous views of the fall of man.
Did David Sin against God Only?
In Psalm 51, it appears that David is praying for forgiveness after having committed fornication with Bathsheba (as indicated in the superscription). How then could he have said to God, “Against thee, thee only, have I sinned” (v. 4)?
What Was the Nature of Cain’s Sin?
What was Cain’s sin? Weakness, lack of faith or downright rebellion?
Ephesians 2:3 – By Nature Children of Wrath
Does this passage prove the Calvanistic doctrine of hereditary total depravity? Not in the least.
May I Divorce My Wife and Remain Unmarried?
When is divorce permissible? May a marriage partner divorce his or her spouse simply because they have tired of the marriage? Is “authorization” from God required for a divorce? Study this challenging issue with us.
Are Infants by Nature Children of Wrath?
Does the Bible say that little babies are by nature born in sin?
James 1:13 – God Cannot Be Tempted
Does God have freedom of choice? If so, could He choose to do evil?
A Realistic Look at Sin
If you want to liven up a conversation, introduce the subject of sin. Is sin a reality or a figment of our imagination?
The Value of the Old Testament for Today
Christians recognize that the New Testament Scriptures represent the body of sacred literature to which men are amenable today. But does that mean that we disregard the value of the Old Testament documents? Indeed not. These holy writings contribute to our spiritual well-being in a variety of ways. This week’s Penpoints explores some of these.
Rationalizing Human Behavior
Micah 1:1 – The Doom of Samaria and Jerusalem
Study the historical background of the Old Testament book of Micah, prophet of God.
Amos 1:1-2:3 — Judgment upon the Nations
The judgment pronounced on pagan nations by Amos the prophet point to the accountability of all people to the laws of God.
A Dark Day in Israel
One of the darkest days of King David’s administration arrived when he succumbed to lust and destroyed a friend.
A Rebellion in Heaven
Is there biblical evidence that there once was a rebellion among angels in heaven?
Are Some Sins Excused?
In his letter to the Christians in Rome, Paul describes a certain level of human activity as “inexcusable” (Rom. 1:20). Does this imply that some conduct, even that which is bad, is “excusable”?
What Role Does Childbearing Play in Woman’s Salvation?
What was Paul’s meaning when he affirmed that woman could be saved through her child-bearing (1 Timothy 2:15)?
Are Some Sins Greater than Others?
Are some sins “greater” than others? There is a sense in which any sin will condemn. There is another sense in which greater responsibility is attached to some acts of sin. Explore this topic with us.
Jesus’ Sayings on Sin
Christ taught much about sin, and we would profit from a humble reflection on some of the sayings of Jesus about sin.