An Atheist’s Daughter
Would you like to have an insight into the thinking of the daughter of one of the world’s most prominent atheists? Then read this article. It pertains to the daughter of Bertrand Russell, the famed British philosopher.
Killer Kids
A critical look at a disturbing trend of violence in our youth
Spiritualism — A Deadly Movement
Thousands of people labor under the illusion that some are able to contact the dead? What is to be said of such attempts? Is this merely a harmless superstition. Study this issue with us.
Christianity and World Religions
The eastern mystic religions are growing in popularity. But are all religions created equal?
The Crimson Flow
It is not difficult to see how vital it is to understand the role of Jesus’ blood in God’s redemptive plan.
The Heart of the Matter
A consideration of the biblical data leads only to the conclusion that the heart is a vulnerable feature of the human makeup. One must guard it, and he must cultivate it, with the greatest of diligence.
Lord, Teach Us How To Pray
The prayers of Jesus teach us in so many ways. Not only can we learn from what Jesus prayed, but we learn from when, why, and how he prayed. Let us survey some interesting facts about the prayers of Jesus and allow the Lord to deepen our capacity for prayer with the Father.
Dealing with Mail
E-mail, regular mail — what will it be today? Let me give you a small sample of the frustrations associated with writing. It’s not a problem of enormous magnitude — we deal with it. Occasionally, however, it’s good to “vent.”
The Pope Ignites a Controversy
Benedict XVI, the current “pope” of the Roman Catholic Church, recently ignited a firestorm of controversy by reaffirming the oft-made church claim that salvation is found exclusively in the Roman Church.
The Awesome Responsibility of Church Leadership
Church leaders bear a most serious responsibility before God. Unfortunately, some professing Christians take advantage of good leaders and “church hop” from place to place to avoid faithful oversight.
Was Jesus Afraid?
The writer of the book of Hebrews speaks of an occasion when Jesus was characterized by “godly fear.” What does this phrase mean?
Three researchers combined their dubious talents to produce an article which attempted to argue the case that sexual activity between adults and children should not be classified as “abuse.”
The Ravaging of the Earth
There is great concern about the growing depletion of earth’s natural resources. Many, however, do not realize who has contributed significantly to this problem. Read this article and identify the culprits.
Paul’s Passion for Needy Brethren
Paul’s passion for the needy saints of Jerusalem is a concern reflected several times in the New Testament documents. These texts contain interesting facts/lessons worthy of study and application.
A Remedy for Troubled Hearts
Unquestionably, there are things we cannot change. We can, however, learn to survive by immersing ourselves in a deep and sustained biblical faith.
She Was “Slain in the Spirit”
Here is a case-study of a Pentecostal woman who, reputedly, was “slain in the Spirit.” Unfortunately, she broke her arm and sued the church. Was she really slain in the Spirit?
The Corrupt “Incorruptible” Argument Against Baptism
A critic has disputed the biblical position that water baptism is requisite for the forgiveness of sins. He contends that one cannot be saved by a “corruptible” method. But “water” is corruptible. Thus, it has no place in the plan of redemption. Does the argument have merit? Read this article and see.
What about those Gadarene Hogs?
Bible critics charge Jesus with an unethical act when he gave permission for some demons to enter a herd of swine. A closer look, however, reveals that the accusation is baseless.
The Shocking New “Christian” Generation
Many analysts see some serious “flaws” in what is called “the new Christian generation.” It does appear there are serious problems with many who identify themselves with Jesus Christ.
Words Fitly Spoken
Words are vehicles of communication. Since it is the case that “words” can lead either to salvation or to condemnation, it is important that Christians craft a vocabulary that expresses biblical ideas in their purest form. Study this issue with us in this month’s Feature.