The Blood of Christ Across the Centuries
The Lamb’s blood flows from the book of Genesis all the way through the book of Revelation, and there are valuable lessons all along the way.
Stranger? Or Family and Friend?
What a thrilling concept it is to transition from being a stranger to becoming a citizen, indeed, a family member and a “friend.” Our Lord once said: “You are my friends if you do the things which I command you” (John 15:14).
What Are You Looking for in a Church?
Moving into a new community? Having a life-altering crisis? Children growing up in a wicked society? Thinking about a church? Many people are; unfortunately, however, too many are looking for the wrong things.
Training Killers
Author David Grossman has shown that the tactics employed by the military to turn young men into killing machines are prevalent in the entertainment media used by our youth.
What About Alcoholics Anonymous?
What is your opinion of Christians who attend AA [Alcoholics Anonymous] meetings or treatment centers to stop drinking?
What About that Two-Stage Miracle?
Some have charged that one of Jesus’ miracles was incomplete on the Lord’s first “attempt,” and that such reflected upon his power. What is to be said in response to this charge?
Was Judas “Predestined” to Betray Christ?
A sincere reader wants to know whether or not Judas was “predestined” to betray Christ. He feels that certain New Testament passages suggest that he was. This week’s Question discusses this issue.
Should Christians Pray for the Forgiveness of Their Sins?
This article discusses whether or not the Christian is required to pray for the forgiveness of his sins.
The Value of Morning
At the dawning of the day, your body is as rested as it will be all day, your mind is the sharpest it will be all day—as yet uncluttered with numerous distractions. Why not take advantage of this quiet time?
The Biblical Concept of “Time”
What is the biblical concept of time? In this article, we explore several ideas associated with time from a biblical perspective.
Why Humanity Should Serve God
Does God need our service? If not, then why should humanity serve him?
The Book of Psalms—A Study
Some background information regarding the Psalms will help the Bible student as he considers the grand truths of this Old Testament document.
The Spirit of Generosity — A Study in Contrasts
In this study, we would like to call attention to some biblical contrasts with reference to the matter of generosity versus stinginess. It is an enterprise which will reveal, quite astoundingly, how God views these traits.
Mrs. Job — A Portrait of Defection
While Job is an example of how to endure hardship through patience and faith, his wife provides an interesting study of one who’s faith failed during tough times.
Catholic Professor Protests
In 2003, we published a review of Dr. Thomas West’s book, Jesus and the Quest for Meaning. West is a Professor of Theology at the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul, Minnesota. In our review, we censured Professor West for his unorthodox ideas relative to the resurrection of Christ. The Professor has vigorously protested our essay. As a courtesy to him, we are publishing his letter of protest, and our response to the same.
The Thrilling and Mysterious Ways of God
In a micro-exclamation of praise, Paul has captured the whole of redemptive history — Heaven’s operations on behalf of Adam’s fallen children. It yet leaves us stunned!
How Did the Samaritan Woman Know About the Messiah?
A Samaritan woman told Jesus that she knew about the coming Messiah. How did this lady know this fact?
Church Controversies
While there certainly are times when a preacher, teacher or church must be publicly censured, there are many cases where problems are dealt with in a less than expedient manner—and far too often with an ugly spirit of division. What are some principles that should guide our reaction to such controversial events?
Nickel: A Story of How Little Words Can Cause Big Tears, The
Some lessons in life are worth more than money could buy. There was one such lesson in my early life that was of much greater value than “the nickel” that was involved.
Should “Weak” Christians Be Disfellowshipped?
Should Christians who are merely “weak” be subject to the disfellowship process?