The Value of Life
Every life is a sacred gift from heaven intended to honor the Creator and prepare us for eternity.
Where Does the Bible Condemn Gambling?
Why do so many Christians label gambling as a “sin” when the Bible doesn’t specifically condemn gambling?
The Yoke of Christ
Christianity is best for humankind because it fits us well. If you have burdens, come see what Christ has to offer.
Jesus Christ: Myth or Genuine History?
Bible critics charge that if Jesus Christ was a real historical character, there ought to be more in the Roman secular records about him. What may be said in response to this allegation?
Hank Hanegraaff and the “Christian Research Institute”
Over the years the folks at C.R.I. (Martin, Hanegraaff, et al.) have lustily pursued debate encounters with a host of cultists. They have engaged the heretical movements in verbal and written battles time and again, and begged for additional conflicts.
BLAME IT ON RELIGION: Dawkins’ “Missile” a Dud
Richard Dawkins, one of atheism’s most vocal spokesmen, blames the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 on “religion.” But the article “misfires” and leaves the Oxford professor in the lurch.
Adam Clarke & Albert Barnes: Scholars from the Past
Adam Clarke and Albert Barnes were famous Bible commentators of a by-gone era. This “human interest” piece discusses some little-known facts about these distinguished gentlemen.
King Saul — A Case Study in Apostasy
Saul, Israel’s first king, stands as a solemn warning to all who followed thereafter.
Exploiting Human Weakness: A Look at Vice Taxation
Christians need to oppose wrong-doing on the basis of principle, rather than capitulating to compromising crumbs thrown to us from the tables of politicians.
Nero Caesar and the Christian Faith
Nero Claudius Caesar was one of the most despicable characters on the stage of human history. But there are some important lessons to learn from his interaction with the Christians of the first century.
False Teachers; Destructive Heresies – 2 Peter 2:1
Terrorists in the Church
“Terrorist” is a word with which we are quite familiar these days—at least in a political sense. What about “terrorists” in the church? They were present in the early church, and they are today as well. We must learn to identify them if the church is to be kept pure.
The Judas Make-Over
Judas Iscariot, the betrayer of Christ, was one of the most despicable characters ever to disgrace the human family. Why has it become so fashionable to attempt a rehabilitation of this culprit? Because perverse men delight in calling darkness light, and light darkness.
The Importance of Messianic Genealogy
It Christ’s genealogy important in establishing his identity as Messiah? Consider the evidence.
Testing the Spirits
A preacher or teacher must accept the heavy responsibility the Scriptures lay upon that role. His audience also has a responsibility—to test his message, whether or not it is from God.
A Critical Look at Situation Ethics
How do you determine what is right and wrong?
Atheism and the Historical Christ
Some atheists reject the very existence of Jesus of Nazareth. But is this lack of belief based on a reasonable examination of the evidence? Not in the least.
National Security — The Real Solution
How can we secure the future of our nation? What is the solution to homeland security?
Can a Christian Walk Away from God?
Many believe that a Christian can never be lost. But what does the Bible say?
But Were They Really Saved?
Calvinists deny that a child of God can ever apostatize so as to be finally lost. When biblical examples are introduced to the contrary, it is claimed that either such souls were never saved, or else their loss was merely temporal. Let us study this question seriously.