Matthew 2:19-20 – The Death of Herod the Great
The Menace of Radical Preterism
A brief review of the heretical doctrine of realized eschatology
God’s Amazing Qualities
The attributes of God are wonderful thoughts on which to meditate.
Seven Important Truths About the Bible
What is it about the Bible that has made it the most influential book in the history of the world? Here are seven great truths that help answer that question.
Does the Grace in Ephesians 2:8-9 Exclude Baptism?
Many have been deceived into believing that grace by definition excludes obedience. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Immanuel — God Is With Us
The name “Immanuel” in Hebrew means “God is with us,” and the prophecy finds its fulfillment in the birth of Jesus Christ.
Profanity – A Biblical Assessment
The Bible does not lay down a prohibited vocabulary list, but it certainly contains guidelines that will assist the devout person in using speech that is well-pleasing to the Lord and to others.
Does the Case of Cornelius Prove the “Sinner’s Prayer” Doctrine?
Does God grant pardon to the “alien sinner” by means of prayer? Some suggest that the case of Cornelius (Acts 10) supplies an affirmative answer. This week’s question explores this issue.
The Preacher and His Audience
Both the preacher and his audience have responsibilities in the kingdom of Christ.
John Tetzel’s Indulgences
The practice of selling “indulgences” is a part of Catholicism’s sordid history. This week’s Penpoints deals with an amusing incident in the ministry of John Tetzel, one tragic character in this apostate movement.
Acts 11:21,24 – “A Great Number that Believed Turned unto the Lord”
A subtle, but important, point from the Greek text helps us to distinguish several factors in the plan of salvation
Are You an Evangelist?
You may not be able to fulfill the role of a preacher, or teacher, or elder, or deacon. But in the general sense, you can be an evangelist. Here’s how.
Behold, the Man!
Pilate paraded Jesus before the crowd and exclaimed, “Behold, the man!” (Jn. 19:5). Significantly, this very phrase is found in an Old Testament prophecy that heralds the coming of Israel’s Messiah.
Faith-Based Bathing — A Friendly Review
In the July issue of the well-known protestant journal, Christianity Today, Dr. Timothy George responds to a question regarding the relationship of baptism to salvation. Wayne Jackson comments on this intriguing essay.
An Accessory to Adultery
Can a person, though not actually involved in the commission of a sin, be an accessory to that transgression? Let’s think about it.
The Corrupt “Incorruptible” Argument Against Baptism
A critic has disputed the biblical position that water baptism is requisite for the forgiveness of sins. He contends that one cannot be saved by a “corruptible” method. But “water” is corruptible. Thus, it has no place in the plan of redemption. Does the argument have merit? Read this article and see.
Command or Culture: Discerning the Difference
What is a command in the New Testament and what is merely cultural and not binding today?
Jesus Showed Himself Alive By Many Proofs
What evidence is there that Jesus actually rose from the dead?
Abraham – A Case of Old Testament Accuracy
Several important achaeological discoveries demonstrate once again the uncanny accuracy of the Bible.
Was Potential Sin by Christ Prophesied?
This question explores the possiblity of whether Nathan prophesied about the possible sin of Christ.