Was Paul Uncertain About His “Inspiration”?
In a letter to the church in Corinth, Paul said: “I think I have the Spirit of God” (1 Cor. 7:40). Was the apostle uncertain of his possession of the Holy Spirit? Read this discussion of this puzzling passage.
John Kitto’s Beautiful Tribute to “Woman”
John Kitto was a remarkable Bible scholar of the 1800’s. His essay on “Woman,” penned in 1850, is a delightful composition in tribute to one of God’s finest creations.
New Gambling Studies Highlight Age-old Problem
A recent study reveals the destruction caused by gambling.
Messianic Previews in the Book of Zechariah
There are more than eight thousand prophetic verses in the Bible. Many of these portray the coming Messiah (Christ). Several are in the marvelous book of Zechariah.
Are the Narratives of Paul’s Conversion Repetitious and Contradictory?
A critic asserts that the three different records of Paul’s conversion, as recorded in the book of Acts, are irrelevantly repetitious and even contradictory? Does the charge really hold up? Consider this matter with us.
Why Does Romans 10:9-10 Not Mention Baptism?
A sincere student wants to know how one can read Romans 10:9-10, which mentions only faith and confession, and then contend that baptism is essential to salvation. Wayne Jackson discusses the “analogy of faith” principle.
Is a Word Formula Required in Administering Baptism?
Must baptism be administered “in the name of Jesus” only to be valid?
Does the Bible Contain Contradictions?
Does the Bible contradict itself? Skeptics frequently claim it does. But a careful consideration of the law of contradiction demonstrates otherwise.
What Did Jesus Mean When He Said, “Receive Ye the Spirit”?
On the Sunday of his resurrection, Jesus said to certain disciples, “Receive ye the Spirit.” What is the meaning of this cryptic text?
What Is the Fruit of Repentance?
What is repentance? Is it just being sorry for sin? Or is something more required?
The Power of Speech for Good or Evil
Speech is a very special gift from our Creator. It is a fresh challenge each day to channel our words for good.
But Were They Really Saved?
Calvinists deny that a child of God can ever apostatize so as to be finally lost. When biblical examples are introduced to the contrary, it is claimed that either such souls were never saved, or else their loss was merely temporal. Let us study this question seriously.
What About the Multiple Accounts of Paul’s Conversion?
A critical charge that supposedly nullifies the harmony of the book of Acts is the fact that there are differences in the three accounts of Paul’s conversion. Let us examine this alleged problem.
Who Was John the Baptist?
Who was John the Baptist? What was his relationship to Jesus?
Why People Believe in Evolution
People do not believe in evolution because they have been led there by solid evidence. They are stampeded into the Darwinian community by superficial, emotional, and personal factors.
Did Paul Sin in Submitting to the Temple Ritual?
One of the most controversial contexts in the book of Acts has to do with Paul’s activity in the Jerusalem temple, as recorded in Acts 21. Did the apostle violate the law of God in “purifying” himself in that ritual? Some so claim, but is this a necessary conclusion?
Funeral Customs – Past and Present
We believe that there are principles which a judicious child of God might wish to consider in the planning of funerals.
The Roman Catholic – Jewish Compromise
News sources report that a recently published document from Roman Catholic scholars attempts to promote a compromise between Jewish and Christian views regarding the Messiah? What is the basis of this ecumenical attempt?
A Response to a Lutheran Pastor
The belief that mankind is born with sin is without scriptural or logical foundation. Yet the teaching is quite common among denominationalists. The Lord’s church has been attacked for not upholding this ridiculous dogma.
John Calvin and Grace
John Calvin wielded a great influence in the religious community on the subject of grace. His ideas are circulated in several denominations, and, tragically, have found their way into the thinking of many people.