Was Jesus “Gruff” and “Explosive”?
Sometimes well-meaning writers attribute to Christ incorrect attitudes or actions. We must be careful not to do that. Let us look carefully at this important issue.
How Do I Cope with Bitterness?
How can we forgive but still feel resentment at times?
The Righteousness of God Revealed
The book of Romans is magnificent in that it reveals so many aspects of the “righteousness of God” (1:16-17).
What Is Propitiation?
The word “propitiation” is a strange and interesting word. It is worthy of our study and attention.
The True Meaning of Grace
Grace is one of the most thrilling terms in scripture. It is a tragedy of no small magnitude that it is so perverted by the religious world. What does the Bible really teach about the amazing favor of God?
Are Infants by Nature Children of Wrath?
Does the Bible say that little babies are by nature born in sin?
The Plague of Profanity
The saying “curse like a sailor” no longer has any meaning. Profanity has become so common, the saying might as well be, “curse like a housewife.”
Ephesians 2:3 – By Nature Children of Wrath
Does this passage prove the Calvanistic doctrine of hereditary total depravity? Not in the least.
Mark 11:20 – Jesus Curses a Fig Tree
Does Jesus’ cursing of the fig tree in Mark 11 reveal a “dark side” to the Savior? Not at all. Wayne Jackson explains this curious passage.
Three Prayers of Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving in prayer is a common theme in the Bible. This article focuses upon three “tenses” of prayers of thanksgiving.
Coping with Problems
The Bible provides answers to many of our problems.
Timothy McVeigh’s “Invictus”
Timothy McVeigh is dead. His ashes were secretly deposited into Earth’s bowels, to return to the dust whence they came (Gen. 3:19; Eccl. 12:7). His soul has entered a new domain where there is no place for arrogance, defiance, or “coping” with the environment (Lk. 16:23ff).
Alexander the Great: An Amazing Example of Prophecy and Providence
The prophecies of Alexander the Great’s victories over various nations and the subsequent providential fulfillment are an interesting study of God’s control of national events.
Making Merchandise of the Gospel
The world is constantly looking for flaws in those who set themselves forth as teachers of the Christian cause. It is not uncommon to observe that some religious leaders have exploited the “gospel” for their own financial interests.
This brief article addresses this issue.
Can I Be Happy in Heaven with Loved Ones in Hell?
How would it be possible for one to be happy in heaven, knowing that some of his loved ones are suffering in hell? This is a question that every thoughtful Christian has pondered at times. Is there a reasonable solution to this problem?
The Influence of Home Life
Does the home influence the religious development of children?
The Magic of Kindness
If we would emulate our God, we will cultivate kindness. This one moral attribute can work wonders on both friends and enemies.
Babies: Those “Awful” Creatures!
Why would someone claim that babies are awful creatures?
For the Joy that Lay before Him
Hebrews 12:1-2 sets forth the wonderful example of Christ to encourage us as we strive to “run the race.” May we ever follow in his path.
Abel Still Speaks, But Are We Listening?
The writer of the book of Hebrews says that Abel, the first murder victim, is yet speaking. What is he saying? Are we listening?