What Is Bible “Inspiration”?
What do Bible scholars mean when they speak of the “inspiration” of the Scriptures?
A Subtle Argument for Bible Inspiration
The authenticity of Christianity is supported by evidence that is brilliantly subtle. An in-depth probe of this theme will inspire awe at the sanctity of the Scriptures.
Acts 1:16 – Scripture Inspiration
Peter’s recognition of fulfilled prophecies in Acts chapter 1 affirms the inspiration of Scripture.
Brevity – A Confirming Evidence of Bible Inspiration
One of the astounding evidences which points to the divine origin of the Scriptures is the “brevity” of the records. In this article we study a case of this nature.
2 Samuel 23:2 — Verbal Inspiration
In what sense is the Bible “inspired”? This passage affirms that the very words of the Bible are God’s.
The Silence of Scripture: An Argument for Inspiration
What the Bible doesn’t tell us is an indication of its supernatural origin.
The Incredible Accuracy of the Bible: An Argument for Inspiration
Human writers often make careless errors, however, the Bible does not. The precision of God’s word is evidence of its divine origin.
Are the Scriptures “Verbally” Inspired of God?
Some claim that there is a “sense” in which the Bible is “inspired of God” — but that it cannot be claimed that the very words themselves were divinely given. Will this theory stand the test of critical examination? This article looks at the biblical claim itself.
The Holy Scriptures: Verbally Inspired
The Scriptures are either inspired by God or they are not.
Scientific Foreknowledge in the Bible
Evidence of scientific foreknowledge in the Bible points to the original author—God!
Did Peter’s Weakness Negate His Inspiration?
It is sometimes claimed that the Bible is inconsistent in its theology in that it claims infallibility for the apostles’ teaching, yet acknowledges they made mistakes in their personal lives. How does one address this alleged difficulty?
Was Paul Uncertain About His “Inspiration”?
In a letter to the church in Corinth, Paul said: “I think I have the Spirit of God” (1 Cor. 7:40). Was the apostle uncertain of his possession of the Holy Spirit? Read this discussion of this puzzling passage.
A Bible-Believing People
Your attitude toward the Scriptures determines how God’s Word will influence your life.
Did Jude Quote from the Book of Enoch?
Did Jude quote from the apochryphal “Book of Enoch”? If so, would that affect the credibility of the book of Jude?
Seven Important Truths About the Bible
What is it about the Bible that has made it the most influential book in the history of the world? Here are seven great truths that help answer that question.
The Amazing Unity of Scripture
The literary unity of the Bible is evidence of Divine inspiration.
Why Is King David’s “Grocery List” in the Bible?
Critics claim the Bible is filled with irrelevant material. Is there any purpose in seemingly trivial information in God’s Word?
Ishmael or Isaac? The Koran or the Bible?
Did Abraham offer Ishmael or Isaac? The Bible and the Koran differ on this issue. Which book is really divine revelation? Does it matter?
Can Job Be a True Story?
Is the book of Job an historical account? Or is it a fiction invented to teach a valuable lesson?
The Jesus Seminar – Part 2
A response to The Jesus Seminar, as featured by the Peter Jennings ABC special, In Search of Jesus