Are Modern Church Buildings Digressive?
Does the use of a modern church building constitute a digression of the divine pattern? Though some so claim, the New Testament does not support this notion.
Making Merchandise of the Gospel
The world is constantly looking for flaws in those who set themselves forth as teachers of the Christian cause. It is not uncommon to observe that some religious leaders have exploited the “gospel” for their own financial interests.
This brief article addresses this issue.
The Truth about The Da Vinci Code
The so-called Da Vinci Code has been the topic of animated conversation for some time. What are the facts about this mysterious “code”?
Will Only “Your Bunch” Be Saved?
A querist wants to know, “Will only your bunch be saved?” Though the question usually is highly prejudicial, we will elicit two answers — his and ours.
Looking for God in All the Wrong Places
Have you ever heard of a “Christian Bar”? Jason Jackson considers the ethics of an “anything-goes” approach to evangelism.
Was Paul the Founder of Christianity?
Was Paul the founder of Christianity, as some atheists allege?
The Influence of Modern Trends on the Church
Is new always better than old? Not always. Some modern trends have had a negative impact on the church.
What Must I Know To Be Saved?
Unlike some other religions, the validity of Christian faith rests upon what we believe about the gospel of Christ. But what exactly must one know to become a child of God? Let’s explore these thoughts in this brief article.
Was the Gospel Preached throughout the “Whole World” in the First Century?
There are several biblical passages which appear to indicate that the gospel was preached to the whole creation in the first century. How are these to be viewed? It is a problem that confuses many people. But there is a reasonable answer.
The Fragrance of Christian Influence
Influence is powerful for good or evil. Are you striving to enhance your influence for the honor of Christ?
The Acts of the Apostles — from Jerusalem to Rome
Paperback; 473 pages; A verse-by-verse commentary on the book of Acts written on the popular level.
What Is the Meaning of Proverbs 14:4?
There are many passages in the Bible that seem out of place for a Holy book. Proverbs 14:4 is one of these. But when one considers the true scope of Divine revelation, it is easy to understand the relevance of such obscure verses.
Church Controversies
While there certainly are times when a preacher, teacher or church must be publicly censured, there are many cases where problems are dealt with in a less than expedient manner—and far too often with an ugly spirit of division. What are some principles that should guide our reaction to such controversial events?
The Christian and the Workplace
More and more, it appears, Americans are finding that materialism isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Without some sort of spiritual flavor, there is a void in life—an aching of the soul that longs for a greater satisfaction.
Agape — A Christian Husband’s Obligation
In this article, Jason Jackson considers the divine imperative, “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself up for it” (Eph. 5:25). A husband, living like God wants him to live, will learn to love his wife according to Christ’s example, giving himself selflessly for her spiritual needs. That is agape — a Christian husband’s eternally rewarding obligation.
King and Company Go Transdenominational
Obviously, feeling the solitude imposed by a disciplinary procedure, these false teachers now are crossing over into denominationalism, freely fraternizing with, and employing the services of, a host of sectarian teachers.
That Nameless, Unreasoning, Unjustified Terror
In an era of great distress, President Franklin Roosevelt offered our nation some wise words of comfort. His sentiments were never more needed than now.
Church Discipline – A Tragic Neglect
A study of church discipline, especially the ultimate act of withdrawal of fellowship
Nuggets from the Book of Philemon
Though Paul’s letter to Philemon is very brief, it is packed with rich nuggets of truth that truly reward the serious Bible student. Reflect upon some of these points with us in this article.
Is the Mormon Church the Restored Church?
The Mormon doctrine concerning the church is a maze of confusion and contradiction.