When the Creation Is Delivered
In Romans 8:19-23, Paul addresses the hope that eventually the creation will be set free from the “bondage of corruption into the liberty of the glory of the children of God.”
Romans 8:21 — Creation Delivered
In what sense will the “creation” be delivered from corruption? Does the creation itself, including the stars, planets, rocks and trees, really long for the return of Christ?
Enuma Elish: A Babylonian “Creation” Account
An ancient archaeological find shows striking similarities between the Babylonians’ understanding of the history of creation and the creation account of Genesis.
The Creation Week—Reflections on Genesis
This article is a listing of some of the many truths to be discovered from a study of Genesis chapter one.
The Creation “Days” – Literal or Figurative?
This article attempts to determine the meaning of the term “days” in connection with the creation week.
Is the Genesis Creation Account Poetry?
Some suggest that Genesis 1 and 2 are not literal accounts of actual history. Instead, much of the narrative is poetic, with elements of history embedded. But what does the evidence show?
Is the Bible Creation Account a Myth?
Is the common claim that Genesis 1 is merely an ancient myth accurate?
Romans 1:20 – The Testimony of Creation
As the inspired Paul affirms to the Romans, the natural world around us points to the existence and attributes of the Creator.
Uniqueness of the Biblical Creation Record, The
The ridiculous creation fables of mankind only serve to emphasize the genuineness of the Genesis account of the beginning.
Stars: A Creation of Mass Production
The Psalmist affirmed that “the heavens declare the glory of God.” In this week’s Penpoints, Jason Jackson explores some of the wonders of the starry hosts that decorate the night skies.
Exodus 20:8-11 – The Creation Days: Literal Days or Ages?
Are the days of the creation literal 24-hour days or extended ages of time? Exodus 20:8-11 provides the answer.
Was the Sabbath a Divine Requirement from the Time of Creation?
Was the seventh-day sabbath a divine requirement from the seventh day of creation onward? Some so claim, but the evidence is lacking. Study this issue with us.
Critical Theory Attacks Genesis 1 and 2
The liberal voices in the school of “Critical Theory” frequently assert that there are two accounts of creation in Genesis. This article answers this attack.
The Battle at Baylor University
This is a commentary over the battle currently taking place at Baylor University over the issue of creation science.
Is the Language of Genesis 1 Merely Metaphorical?
In an attempt to harmonize the biblical record with evolutionary chronology, some allege that the creation description of Genesis 1 is merely metaphorical. Such a position thrusts aside responsible interpretative procedure.
Man, From the Beginning
For Bible believers, there can be no compromise between evolutionary chronology and the biblical historical record.
Does Starlight Require Millions of Years to Reach the Earth?
Does starlight require millions of years to reach the earth?
False Charges Against Creationism
Genesis 1:1-2 – The Gap Theory
Some point to Genesis 1:1-2 as a biblical basis for the Gap Theory. Yet a brief study of the grammar of this passage shows there is no such basis.
Will Heaven Be on Earth?
There is a popular view that “heaven” will be on “earth,” after our planet has been purged by fire at the end of time. This theory is wholly without merit and results from a failure to understand the symbolic nature of several passages of scripture.