The New Frontier of Organ Transplants
Organ transplants have been around for several years and lives have been saved as a result. But a new medical era has now been entered — that of non-vital organ transplantation. Such a procedure needs serious thought.
Your Land, O Immanuel
The interesting land of Israel plays a prominent role in the coming of Christ.
Elijah, Prophet of Confrontation
Elijah was one of the great prophets of Old Testament history. Like all of us, he was a man of mixed qualities. Overall, he contributed significantly to the unfolding of Heaven’s plan of redemption.
Was Ahab Pro-Choice?
We must plead the cause of the innocent. We must defend the sanctity of human life. For justice will roll down like waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream (Amos 5:24).
What About Jacob’s Prophecy Regarding Zebulun?
Some allege that when Jacob uttered a prophecy regarding the tribe of Zebulun (Genesis 49:13), the declaration failed. Study this issue with us.
Frankenstein Is Alive and Well!
Oh, they don’t call it murder. To these mad scientists, it’s just “embryo research.”
The Birthplace of Jesus: Bethlehem or Jerusalem?
Was Jesus born in Bethlem or Jerusalem? The Bible teaches it was Bethlehem. The Book of Mormon alleges it was in “the land of Jerusalem.” Examine the evidence for yourself.
Armageddon: The Next of the “Left-Behind” Series
Life and Death Ethical Issues
In this world of technological achievement, the human family is confronted with numerous life-and-death decisions that are taxing indeed. Frequently we struggle with such issues. The Scriptures—divinely given and perpetually relevant—can guide us in these heart-rending decisions if we will seek their counsel.
Evolution’s Useless-Organ Argument
A discussion of the so-called vestigial organs
History of Instrumental Music
Though the use of mechanical instruments of music in worship are common in both the Catholic and Protestant communities of "Christendom, " most people do not realize that this function was unknown to the churches of the apostolic age. Rather, the practice was an innovation that came centuries after the establishment of Christ’s church, and such was wholly without New Testament authority. Noted scholar William Woodson discusses this digression in this month’s Feature article.
The Current Fad of Male Bashing
We will not have happy work places, contented homes, and fruitful congregations until men and women learn to respect one another.
Should We Lift “Holy Hands” When We Pray?
In his first letter to Timothy, Paul uses the expression, “lifting up holy hands” (1 Tim. 2:8). Does this suggest that one should hold up his hands when praying? Wayne Jackson addresses this question.
Who Are the 144,000 of Revelation 7 and 14?
The “Jehovah’s Witnesses” teach that only 144, 000 people will gain heaven. They base their doctrine upon passages that are found in the book of Revelation (chapters 7 & 14). Who are the 144, 000 mentioned in these texts? Is the number literal or figurative? Study this article.
Help Me, Doctor!
Perhaps the most amazing thing about this procedure is the floodlight it casts upon the “person” inside the womb.
Does Ezekiel 36:25 Prophesy Sprinkling?
A Roman Catholic gentleman suggests that Ezekiel 36:25 contains a prophecy of sprinkling as an acceptable mode of baptism. What is the biblical response to this assertion?
The City of Ten Thousand Memories
Jerusalem has been called the city of ten thousand memories. This article reflects upon J.W. McGarvey’s visit to that city more than a century ago.
Can God Be Seen?
How does one reconcile Bible passages which suggest that some “saw” God, but, on the other hand, God cannot be “seen”?
Manufacturing “Slave Babies”
Recent polls indicate that many Americans have no objection to the production of “designer children” from which to extract needed materials for the use of others. In the process numerous, innocent, unborn children will be sacrificed. Has our nation lost her conscience?
What About Divorce?