Proverbs 6:17 – Hands that Shed Innocent Blood
This proverb has a modern-day application to the practice of abortion.
An Analysis of the “Salvation Army”
The “Salvation Army” is an organization that is applauded by most in our society. Undeniably, this group does implement numerous acts of benevolence among the needy. But is this all there is to Christianity? Do good deeds substitute for doctrinal soundness? Read this article carefully and put this issue in balance.
What About Judging Angels, Godfathers and Ezekiel’s Temple?
This week’s Question & Answer segment addresses concerns regarding the “judging of angels,” the practice of appointing a “Godfather,” and the matter of the Messiah and the “temple” pictured in the book of Ezekiel.
Separated from My Mother’s Womb
Many fail to appreciate the mysterious operation of divine providence. Paul was quite aware of it.
The Curse of Religious Diversity
Religious diversity is a curse rather than a blessing.
The Value of the Kingdom of Heaven
In two parables, Jesus emphasized the great value of his Kingdom.
Paul’s “Mother”
So many noble women have served in the kingdom of Christ. They do not fully comprehend their contribution to the Lord’s servants and to his cause.
Struggling with Life’s Injustices
Is life fair? Many suggest it is not. Good people suffer and “fat-cat” crooks often prosper. Is there any sense to this? Let us reflect a bit deeper than the surface.
A History of the Baptism Apostasy
The doctrine of baptism, as set forth in the New Testament, is scarcely recognizable in the modern world of “Christendom.” How did this strange and unwarranted change come about? Study this issue with us.
I’m a Good Christian. So Why Am I Sick and Poor?
If God blesses his people, why are there so many Christians who are sick or poor?
Disney: The Mouse Betrayed
Disney power-brokers deny “official dealings” with members of the “gay” community, but the evidence is overwhelming.
Original Sin and a Misapplied Passage
This essay addresses a verse commonly used in support of the false doctrine of original sin.
The Tamar Case: A Precedent for Christians?
Are extraordinary methods for achieving pregnancy, e.g., artificial insemination by a third party donor, ethically permissible? Some contend that “how” a woman achieves pregnancy is not a material issue. The Old Testament case of Tamar is even employed as proof. What does the evidence really show?
Thinking Straight About Abortion
This essay discusses the illogical positions that many argue with reference to aborition.
Did God Reward Midwives for Lying?
Did God reward the midwives who may have lied to Pharaoh, only to kill Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5 for the same infraction? Does God deal prejudicially with people? Does the Bible represent the Lord as an inconsistent, unfair God? Let’s take a close look at a question that speculates on the justice of God.
Rationalizing Human Behavior
The Devastating Effects of Divorce
The marriage principles found in the Bible have a purpose; they are designed for our benefit.
Killers Killing Killers
Murder is always a despicable act.
Are We Hooking Our Kids on Drugs?
This essay is a discussion of the growing trend of drug treatment for children.
Is All Remarriage After Divorce Condemned?
Some allege that all second marriages following a divorce are prohibited. Does this theory have the support of Scripture? Has the New Testament information on this matter been corrupted? Study this issue with us.