The Significance of the Day of Pentecost
Portraits of the Christ
The book of Hebrews is a marvelous treatise revealing the superiority of Christ and his New Covenant system over that of the preparatory Mosaic regime. The first chapter presents some fascinating portraits of the Lord Jesus.
Why Did the Resurrected Jesus Not Appear to His Enemies?
Why did Jesus appear only to his disciples following his resurrection? Would not an appearance to the Jewish or Roman authorities have been more effective?
Matthew 2:19-20 – The Death of Herod the Great
What Is the Meaning of “Shortly Come to Pass”?
Does this key phrase from Revelation 1:1 mean that John’s prophecies would all be fulfilled within a short time span?
Was Potential Sin by Christ Prophesied?
This question explores the possiblity of whether Nathan prophesied about the possible sin of Christ.
Six Great Truths Cornelius Can Teach Us
Acts 10:33 throws a floodlight upon the religious convictions and noble character of Cornelius, the obedient Gentile.
Does God Speak Directly to People Today?
Is there any evidence that God speaks directly to people today? What does the Bible say?
Those “Testimonies” Regarding Miracles
Testimonies regarding alleged “supernatural” occurrences in folks’ lives are as frequent as they are fabulous. But are they to be given credibility, simply because someones says, “I experienced a miracle”? How does one measure the so-called “miraculous” events?
The City of Ten Thousand Memories
Jerusalem has been called the city of ten thousand memories. This article reflects upon J.W. McGarvey’s visit to that city more than a century ago.
Do the Events at Cana Justify the Worship of Mary?
Is has been said that at the marriage feast in Cana of Galilee, Mary made a request of Jesus, and that he obeyed. This is supposed to show that she is worthy of praise and worship due to the influence she exercises over her Son. What are the facts?
RU-486: Murder by Mouth
This editorial discusses the new abortion pill, RU-486.
Jesus Christ and the “I Am” Expression
LORD and Lord: What’s the Difference?
Why does the title “lord” appear in two formats in the Old Testament, i.e., LORD and Lord?
The Value of Waiting on Jehovah
The Bible promises a wide array of blessings upon those who have the patience to “wait upon” the Lord. Consideration of this theme will pay rich dividends.
Jesus Christ – A Family Portrait
In addition to being the Son of God, Jesus of Nazareth had a human family. A consideration of family details is a thrilling and rewarding investigation.
A Study of Divine Providence
Does God work in our lives today?
The Divine Pattern of Acceptable Worship — Part 1
What is acceptable worship? This article is the first in a two-part series.
Does the Case of Cornelius Prove the “Sinner’s Prayer” Doctrine?
Does God grant pardon to the “alien sinner” by means of prayer? Some suggest that the case of Cornelius (Acts 10) supplies an affirmative answer. This week’s question explores this issue.
The Unique Case of Cornelius
The conversion of Cornelius in Acts 10 contains valuable lessons for today.