Is Suicide the Answer?
Suicide has reached almost an epidemic stage in this country. Many view it as an easy “exit” from this life of hardship and heartache. But is it?
Is a Child Who Commits Suicide Lost?
We recognize that suicide is wrong, but what if a child takes his own life?
Take Two of These and Don’t Call Me in the Morning
This article discusses the growing inclination toward physician-assisted suicide.
The Trashing of Human Life
The only way one can consistently argue for the sanctity of human life is to ground his case in the ultimate moral law which proceeds from the sovereign Creator of the universe.
New Gambling Studies Highlight Age-old Problem
A recent study reveals the destruction caused by gambling.
Is Gambling a Moral Issue?
Is gambling a “moral” issue? Some suggest that it is not; it is merely a pragmatic issue.
Crossing the Rubicon
The expression “Crossing the Rubicon” is famous for deadly decisions that cannot be retracted. There are many of these in life that elicit some reflection.
Must Terminally Ill Christians Artificially Prolong Life?
Must terminally ill Christians artificially prolong life?
The Elephant in Evolution’s Living Room
Scientists recognize the complexity of the human genetic code, yet they are afraid to attribute that design to a Creator.
The Christian and Depression
In spite of relative prosperity, better health, and considerable freedom, many people (even Christians) suffer with depression. What does the Bible say about depression? Is there a spiritual solution for this mental state?
The New Frontier of Organ Transplants
Organ transplants have been around for several years and lives have been saved as a result. But a new medical era has now been entered — that of non-vital organ transplantation. Such a procedure needs serious thought.
Terror from the Sky
Our nation has been in the grip of fear and heartache following the violent terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. Wayne Jackson discusses some personal, spiritual reflections at this time of crisis.
Life and Death Ethical Issues
In this world of technological achievement, the human family is confronted with numerous life-and-death decisions that are taxing indeed. Frequently we struggle with such issues. The Scriptures—divinely given and perpetually relevant—can guide us in these heart-rending decisions if we will seek their counsel.
The Devastating Effects of Divorce
The marriage principles found in the Bible have a purpose; they are designed for our benefit.
Is the Apocrypha Inspired of God?
Why the Apocryphal books don’t belong in the inspired canon of Scripture.
The Age of Insensitivity
Apathy grips our national conscience.
Terminal Illness – Living Wills
The earthly life of Terry Schiavo has ended, but the controversy that surrounded this case is far from over. How does one assess these tragic life-and-death situations which are fraught with difficult ethical questions? Ponder this issue with us in this week’s Penpoints.
Does God Limit His Own Foreknowledge?
Is there biblical evidence that, in some cases, God has limited his own foreknowledge?
Timothy McVeigh’s “Invictus”
Timothy McVeigh is dead. His ashes were secretly deposited into Earth’s bowels, to return to the dust whence they came (Gen. 3:19; Eccl. 12:7). His soul has entered a new domain where there is no place for arrogance, defiance, or “coping” with the environment (Lk. 16:23ff).
The Pain of Lingering Regrets
Every sensitive soul is troubled from time to time by regrets that linger regarding past deeds in his life. There is a wrong way and a right way to deal with regret. Think about this matter with us in this week’s Penpoints article.