Please Explain 1 Peter 3:21
Does baptism come before or after the salvation contemplated in 1 Peter 3:21?
Man, From the Beginning
For Bible believers, there can be no compromise between evolutionary chronology and the biblical historical record.
Was Christ’s Power Limited by Man’s Faith?
When Christ was in his “own country,” Mark says that “he could do no mighty work” there (Mark 6:5). What is the meaning of this perplexing passage?
What Is a Necessary Inference?
Is “necessary inference” a valid method of arriving at biblical truth?
The Syrophoenician Woman: A Woman of Great Faith
As I was studying recently through the gospel of Mark, I was reintroduced to this wonderful individual — the Syrophoenician woman. I know that we can learn from this episode in the life of Jesus. Consider with me why our Lord described this Gentile lady as a woman of great faith.
Solomon’s Basin and “Pi” — A Bible Error?
Does the Bible contain a mathematical error relative to the dimensions of Solomon’s temple basin? Critics so claim, but what are the actual facts?
A Study of Samson: Faith and Folly
Though the case of Samson is at times perplexing, the Hebrew writer included the judge in a list of “heroes of faith.” A consideration of this Old Testament character yields valuable lessons.
Bertrand Russell and Christianity, Part 2
Part two in a two-part series on Bertrand Russell’s reasons why he rejected Christianity
Acts 26:8 – Can God Raise the Dead?
Does God have the ability to raise the dead? Paul affirms in his defense to Herod that he does.
Ephesians 4:13 – The Unity of the Faith
Does the New Testament indicate that a time will come when miraculous gifts will be replaced by something better? What could be “more complete” or “unified” than the many differing gifts of the Spirit received by the first Christians?
The Rescue of Christ — So-Called
A recently-published book, Rescuing Jesus from the Christians, seeks to throw the spotlight on some of the alleged “errors” in the beliefs and teaching of Jesus Christ. The fact is, Clayton Sullivan, the author, has revealed how very little he knows about Gospel history. Wayne Jackson briefly reviews this new volume.
The Growing Interest in Angels
In recent years there has been a growing interest in the subject of angels. Do these creatures actually exist? Do they operate now, as they did in Bible times? This brief essay addresses these intriguing questions.
Be Confident of Your Salvation – Studies in 1 John (Part 1)
Because of who God is, what He has done, and what He continues to do, we can walk in the light, being confident as Christians and sure of salvation. This is part 1 of a two-part study on John’s first epistle.
Mrs. Job — A Portrait of Defection
While Job is an example of how to endure hardship through patience and faith, his wife provides an interesting study of one who’s faith failed during tough times.
Simply Outrageous
Have you ever heard or read a statement that made you wonder how it ever could have been conceived? For example Bill O’Reilly, Fox News guru, said on national television that “the Catholic Church invented marriage” (WorldNetDaily, 2/10/2010). How does anyone that obtuse deserve a national audience? But he is not alone. Consider a few more quotes that are “simply outrageous.”
Character Studies in Joshua
Characters in the book of Joshua present interesting and valuable studies that offer powerful, transforming spiritual lessons
Be Confident of Your Salvation – Studies in 1 John (Part 2)
Because of who God is, what He has done, and what He continues to do, we can walk in the light, being confident as Christians and sure of salvation. This is part 2 of a two-part study on John’s first epistle.
The Subterfuge of the “Intelligent Design Movement”
Every logically thinking person instinctively knows that “where there is design, there must be a designer.” Even atheists concede the point. Those who follow the logic to its ultimate conclusion, and who seek to honor the great Designer, do not hesitate to affirm that the design evidence points to God. It is a great tragedy that some choose to conceal this fact.
What Is the Morning Star of Revelation 2:28?
What is the “morning star” promised to the faithful who overcome?
The Baptist Church: An Historical Perspective
I grew up among kindly people of the Baptist affiliation. My father’s family was of this persuasion. A more gracious, benevolent group of folks could scarcely have been found. It was heartbreaking, therefore, to eventually discover that the church of my ancestry was unknown to the New Testament.