In What Sense Has Christ Abolished Death?
Paul informed Timothy that Jesus Christ “abolished death” (2 Tim. 1:10). Yet, elsewhere the apostle indicates that death will not be abolished until the return of the Lord (see 1 Cor. 15:24-26). How is the Bible student to reconcile this seeming conflict?
The Death of Matthew Shepard
Shepard was a twenty-one-year-old student at the University of Wyoming. He openly professed homosexuality. Apparently, he was lured from a bar and taken to a remote place; there he was tied to a fence, pistol-whipped, and left exposed in the cold. Eventually, he died.
The Terror of Death: Causes and Cures
There are numerous examples from history of valiant Christians who went to their deaths as martyrs, singing hymns and happily praising God. How were they able to exude such a joyful demeanor? Whence their sense of fearlessness that seems to elude so many today?
God’s Plan of Salvation for His Lost Children
How can a fallen away Christian be restored to fellowship with Christ and his church?
Who Is in Control of Death?
When a Christian loved one dies, folks often say, “God called him home.” Yet scripture seems to say that the devil has the “power of death” (Hebrews 2:14). Who does cause death?
Crushing the Serpent’s Head: The Meaning of Genesis 3:15
In Genesis 3:15, God announces that the serpent’s head will be crushed by the seed of woman. What is the meaning of this intriguing prophecy in the book of Genesis?
The Power of Speech for Good or Evil
Speech is a very special gift from our Creator. It is a fresh challenge each day to channel our words for good.
Starr’s Church of Christ — A Review
Because Kenneth Starr grew up associated with the church of Christ (we understand he currently worships with an Evangelical Bible Church), some have used the connection to vent personal, long-smoldering frustrations, firing both verbal and literary missiles at the Lord’s family.
Judas Iscariot: From Apostle to Apostate
Known as a traitor, Judas also was counted among the apostles before his notorious betrayal of Christ.
Let Me Die the Death of the Righteous
When the matter is duly considered, the Bible reveals that there are some similarities and also some significant differences in the deaths of the righteous and the wicked.
The Growing Interest in Angels
In recent years there has been a growing interest in the subject of angels. Do these creatures actually exist? Do they operate now, as they did in Bible times? This brief essay addresses these intriguing questions.
O Absalom — My Son, My Son!
The tragic story of King David’s infamous son, Absalom, conveys many valuable lessons.
Joshua’s Farewell Address
This article addresses whether or not people have the right to speculate about who will be saved apart from the declarations of divine revelation.
Neale Walsch: A New Guru for the Gullible
Neale Walsch is but another oddity in the modern “Ripley’s Museum” of religious freaks.
Islam’s Denial of the Death of Jesus Christ
Mohammed’s system is vigorously opposed to the facts of the Christian gospel.
What About the Baptism of Young Children?
How old should a child be before he is allowed to be baptized? Are we immersing some who are too young? What are some of the guidelines by which responsible decisions can be made?
The Qur’an and the Death of Christ
The Islamic repudiation of the death of Christ is grounded in an aversion to the biblical doctrine of the Lord’s vicarious death to atone for sin. The Islamic system strikes at the very heart of the Gospel. It is hostile to the Christian faith.
Did Jesus Contradict Himself as He Approached Death?
Did Jesus contradict himself as he approached the ordeal of the crucifixion? Some critics so allege, but what are the facts?
10 Great Lessons from the Book of Jonah
The book of Jonah is more than just a delightful story for children. Here are 10 valuable lessons gleaned from Jonah’s encounter with the great fish and the people of Nineveh.
Do Not Sin Against the Children
It is time that we recognize the value of our children. They are the future of this world. We must care for them, teach them, and fortify their precious souls against the evils that would assault them.