Did Solomon Teach the Doctrine of Soul-Sleeping?
A critic writes to argue that the book of Ecclesiastes teaches that the dead are not conscious. What are the real facts of the case?
Revelation 6:9-11 – Are the Dead Ones’ Souls Sleeping?
What happens to the “soul” at the point of death? Is it conscious, or does it exist in a state of “sleep,” totally oblivious to its environment?
The Biblical Concept of Sleep
The concept of “sleep” is used in many ways in the Bible. A study of these usages yields many valuable lessons.
Are the Dead “Asleep”?
Why do Christians teach that the dead are conscious, when the Scriptures refer to death as “sleep”?
1 Thessalonians 4 – Hope in Christ
Study with us three important points from this passage.
What About Daniel’s Prophecy of the General Resurrection?
Did the prophet Daniel foretell the general resurrection of the dead at the end of time (12:2), or was this a mere figure of speech pertaining to some local event?
2 Peter 2:9 – Punishment Before Judgment
What will be the state of the wicked after their death, prior to judgment?
Will Wicked People Be Annihilated in Hell?
This question discusses the ultimate fate of the wicked. Will it be annihilation or conscious suffering?
Sleep: An Evidence of Divine Design
One of the first recorded activities of man in the book of Genesis was “sleep.” Exactly what is this strange experience? Did God design it?
Some Facts About Death
Death is a mysterious subject—one that many are ill at ease in discussing. But the Bible can provide one with an altogether different perspective.
He Restores My Soul
Does your soul need to be restored? The Great Shepherd of Psalm 23 promises to restore our souls.
The San Francisco Atheist Convention
What happens when the atheists get together—for worship?
Soul and Spirit: What’s the Difference?
What is the difference between a soul and a spirit in the Bible?
3 John 2 – Body and Soul
The Apostle John shows an obvious distinction between the body and the soul.
Heaven, The Home of Our Soul
Heaven is a place prepared for a prepared people.
False Ideas Regarding Death
False notions about death permeate society’s thinking. Is death just an illusion? Is reincarnation a reality? Will we recognize each other after death? What about purgatory or speaking with the dead? What does the Bible say about these common beliefs about the dead?
Original Sin and a Misapplied Passage
This essay addresses a verse commonly used in support of the false doctrine of original sin.
Do Human Beings Have an Immortal Soul?
Some contend that the Bible teaches that human beings possess an immortal soul. Others deny that this is the case. Where do the facts lie?
2 Samuel 7:12 – The Kingdom Established While David Slept
Samuel’s prophecy concerning the coming kingdom of Christ discredits the theory of premillennialism.
Are the Dead Conscious?
There is an ongoing controversy in the religious community as to whether or not human beings, after death, exist in a state of consciousness.