New Video Promotes Homosexual Agenda
A new video, designed to promote the gay-lesbian agenda, was shown at the White House in mid-December.
Progressively Aggressive “Gay” Movement, The
The so-called “Gay” movement in America is becoming increasingly aggressive. While Christians must exhibit kindness to all, moral principle cannot be compromised.
The Sexual Orientation Controversy
According to some “experts” sexual orientation is not something one can change. Some of the major studies reflecting these opinions have been done, of course, by the homosexuals themselves.
Patricia Ireland on the Teaching of Jesus
During a recent television interview, in a desperate attempt to suggest that true Christian teaching is not adverse to homosexuality, Patricia Ireland argued that Jesus “never mentioned homosexuality.” The implication clearly was that Christ would have condemned this lifestyle explicitly, had he disapproved of it.
The Falwell-Gay Alliance
Jerry Falwell is calling for a more charitable view, he says, towards the “gay” community.
Are You Homophobic?
The “Gay community” is “in your face” these days, foisting their agenda of perversion upon a largely unsuspecting society. Progressively downward we seem to spiral, toward an abyss of amoral corruption. In this week’s Penpoints, Jason Jackson responds to the oft-repeated charge of “homophobia.”
The Plague of Perversion
A new generation has steadily accepted a deadly plague that has descended on this age.
Anthrax, AIDS, and America
If the Anthrax threat is alarming to America, why is the nation so passive relative to the AIDS problem?
Lipscomb University and the Christian Scholars Conference
Straight Talk About Homosexuality
Homosexuality is not the fun and free lifestyle that the media images we see everyday portray. It is a destructive and damnable pattern of behavior that is characterized as sinful rebellion against our Creator. But it can be overcome.
What Is Marriage and Why Does It Matter?
Who decides what marriage is? Who is eligible to marry? Is it a matter of public opinion or political policy making? Absolutely not. God is the author of marriage, and his word regulates the divine arrangement. Jason Jackson considers the topic in light of recent developments.
America—A Nation Out of Control
Is America out of control?
Disney: The Mouse Betrayed
Disney power-brokers deny “official dealings” with members of the “gay” community, but the evidence is overwhelming.
The Death of Matthew Shepard
Shepard was a twenty-one-year-old student at the University of Wyoming. He openly professed homosexuality. Apparently, he was lured from a bar and taken to a remote place; there he was tied to a fence, pistol-whipped, and left exposed in the cold. Eventually, he died.
More Controversy at ACU
This article discusses the recent controversy at Abilene Christian University regarding the Boy Scouts and the homosexual movement.
Romans 1:27 — The Consequences of Perversion
The “due recompense” which the apostle Paul spoke of regarding sexual perversion is chillingly evident in the world today, as it was even in Old Testament times.
The Google “Gag” Order retaliates against the Christian Courier’s “The Progressively Aggressive ’Gay’Movement” article. No better example of aggressive behavior could be cited.
A New Torah: “Tree of Death”
A new version of the Old Testament Torah has been released recently. Accompanying commentary notes professes to purge the Old Testament record of certain historical inaccuracies. It is not a faithful commentary on the Law; it is a commentary upon the current state of Judaism.
Foundational Truths Regarding Marriage
Is “marriage” a divinely designed institution, or is it a human invention? Let us see where the evidence lies.
DISgrace Institute: A Religious Disconnect
When it comes to religion, some folks have a real “disconnect.” By that I mean they are strong in arguing for a particular doctrinal platform, but they see no relationship between their theological peculiarities and their conduct of life.