Will Our Children Trust in the Lord?
“Trust the Lord” is a message that must be communicated to our children. They must learn to follow the Lord’s way. God’s way will always be the right way and the best way to live.
The Destiny of Our Children: Nature or Nurture?
Just how much influence do parents have over the future of their children? Some psychologists say, “Almost none.” But the Holy Scriptures say otherwise.
Parents, Obey Your Father
Parental responsibility means helping your kids go to heaven. It takes time, attention, and divine insight. Be there for your children — be a Christian parent. Jason Jackson considers Paul’s admonition to children in Ephesians 6:1, which must be taught by parents.
Babies: Those “Awful” Creatures!
Why would someone claim that babies are awful creatures?
Belly-button Rings and Low-rider Jeans
What are little girls made of? “Sugar and spice and everything nice” have been replaced by belly-button jewelry, super-small shirts, and pants that reveal far too much information.
Who’s the Boss?
What values are our children really learning from our parenting? Are we really concerned with instilling respect for God and his will in our children’s hearts, or are we more concerned with making sure they have the appearance of a successfull family environment?
Building Character before the Concrete Sets
The time to work on your child’s character is when they are young, not old.
Sexual Promiscuity — A National Plague
The level of sexual sin in American culture today has reached alarming levels. Such debauchery cannot abide without widespread and long-lasting detriments. What can the Christian do?
Jesus Christ: Pioneer in Human Development
Parents need to reflect upon the example left by young Jesus, and direct their own offspring in a similar course of living.
What About the Baptism of Young Children?
How old should a child be before he is allowed to be baptized? Are we immersing some who are too young? What are some of the guidelines by which responsible decisions can be made?
Scientific Evidence Affirms the Worth of Preborn Children
Do preborn babies deserve human rights protections? An honest look at the scientific evidence.
The Church Fathers: Benefits and Abuses
The writings of the so-called “Church Fathers” are valuable sources of information for that period known as the “post-apostolic” age. Unfortunately, the literature frequently is also abused.
That Nameless, Unreasoning, Unjustified Terror
In an era of great distress, President Franklin Roosevelt offered our nation some wise words of comfort. His sentiments were never more needed than now.
2 Timothy 1:5 — Godly Parents — Wicked Parents
A contrast between Timothy’s mother, a godly woman, and Ahaziah, whose notorious mother and grandmother counselled him to do evil.
Baby Dedication Ceremonies: Expediency or Innovation?
The practice of having “baby dedication” services is becoming increasingly popular within some churches of Christ? Is this ritual a mere expedient, or does it reflect an unwarranted innovation? This article addresses this growing controversy.
Of Fathers and Their Sons
What can a father do to protect his children from Satan’s grasp? A wise dad will have a plan in place, well before the challenging teen years.
Can You Feel the Love?
Some of the most mean-spirited people in the world are those who “ooze” with that sickening sentimentality that talks of love while demonstrating everything but. Why don’t you take a few moments and, over our shoulder, take a look at some of our mail?
A Valuable Reference Work to Enhance Your Library
America—A Nation Out of Control
Is America out of control?
Addicted to Me
Meth ... pot ... fentanyl ... or “ME”? Which addiction has more victims?